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The regular dental checkups performed by our team at Robert Moore Family Dentistry are crucial to your oral health, although some people treat them as unnecessary if their teeth are healthy and there are no obvious dental problems. While dental cleanings and exams may not seem important, we offer three ways that they can prevent dental problems.

Here are three dental problems that can be prevented with regular dental checkups twice a year:

– Cavities: Cavities can be prevented with regular dental checkups and dental exams. If you have an exam every six months, cavities will not have enough time to develop. We can also identify existing cavities while they are small and can be treated with minimal inconvenience.
– Gum disease: A major cause of tooth loss among adults, gum disease often doesn’t cause any pain in its early stages, and it is usually first detected by the dentist. Gum disease can be caused by inconsistent dental hygiene habits, which can be exacerbated if you aren’t receiving regular dental cleanings.
– Tartar: When plaque hardens on the gum line, it hardens into a substance called tartar that can’t be removed home. Only the tools used during a professional dental cleaning can dislodge tartar and prevent it from accumulating.

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