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Rather than waiting for dental damage to occur, consider the use of proactive preventive treatments to help protect the inner workings of a tooth. Through the use of dental sealants, you can protect your teeth from various forms of dental damage that can occur, including tooth decay and cavities.

Through the use of dental sealants, it may be possible to improve your oral hygiene care by bringing out your natural shine and still providing effective preventive care. Dental sealants have been shown to lower your risk of tooth decay by nearly 80%. Furthermore, they are even safe and effective for youth and children. Because children are often at a high risk for tooth decay and cavities, they stand to benefit the most with a dental sealant application. In several situations, children can be three times less likely to suffer from cavities with a single dental sealant application. A single dental sealant application can last up to ten full years before an additional application may need to be applied. Thankfully, dental sealants can resist acids that would otherwise chew through your tooth enamel.

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