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Your tooth enamel is comprised of highly durable microscopic crystals to protect the teeth, but chewing on hard objects and grinding your teeth can still cause tooth enamel to chip. Restorative dentistry such as a dental crown may be needed to repair a chipped tooth to keep your smile healthy.

By visiting Dr. Robert Moore for treatment as soon as possible, you can prevent a cavity from occurring in the vulnerable chipped tooth. While we strive to offer conservative treatment like a dental filling when the level of damage allows, a bad dental chip may require a dental crown for a complete restoration. You can choose for your crown to be made of porcelain, base metal alloys or gold, and then it’s crafted to look like your tooth. Dental crowns can fully cover a tooth because they are left hollow on the inside.

After our dentist removes the tooth enamel layer from the chipped tooth and forms it into an abutment for the crown, we can submit an impression of your tooth to an off-site dental lab so that technicians can see your bite pattern and custom make the crown. Your tooth can be kept protected with a temporary dental crown until the final crown is complete and ready for your smile.

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