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Poor oral hygiene can lead to various underlying conditions such as bad breath. Although bad breath is the result of foul odors emanating from your mouth, not all symptoms are derived in the same way. Bad breath can occur due to products you are consuming, underlying issues within your mouth or even problems deep within your body. To help eradicate bad breath, the cause of it must first be treated.

If you are suffering from bad breath, it could be the result of products in your diet. Garlic, coffee and onions are all known as breath-offending foods that can produce foul odors. However, it is not as serious as issues within your mouth as a result of infections. If you have bacteria build up on your tongue, or are suffering from gum disease or toothaches, it can produce bad breath. Furthermore, medications you are taking, or the presence of tobacco can increase your risk for bad breath.

Another cause of bad breath could be linked to issues deep within your body. If you are having any liver or kidneys problems, it can give rise to odors emanating out of your mouth. Furthermore, respiratory tract infections are also linked to a rise in the condition.

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