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I don’t like going to dentist places. Prior to age 18 I got a filling every single time I ever went to the dentist without fail. This produced for me a fear of dentists and ominous feeling every time I entered a dentist’s office. Luckily Dr Moore is the man and made my cleanings easy and pain free. Best dentist of all time!
– Matthew J

Dr. Moores staff are very friendly and accommodating and Dr. Moore. I have had several crowns and many, many fillings by Dr. Moore over the years and of all the dentist I have been to His work has been superb. He offers the latest in technology and is painless and he is very friendly.
– Chip L

This office has a friendly and competent staff. I HATE having work on my teeth done, so I wish they had the gas that knocks you out. But since they don’t, I’m glad its Dr. Moore working on my mouth. He is conscientious about his work and the satisfaction of his patients.
– William R

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